Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rose DesRochers interviews Bobby Nash

I was interviewed by Rose DesRochers. Check it out at


Aakanksha said...

Hi Bobby. I am an aspiring graphic novelist, but being a technologist, my concern is more with illustration of technology. I read this interview and saw the other links and books you've done. Can I please have a complimentary copy of your book? I'll be indebted, and It'll help me a lot in broadening my horizon towards this field.

Bobby Nash said...

Hi, Aakanksha. Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but I can't send out any complimentary copies of my books, but you canfind discounted cpies at various places on the internet and I post sample pages from my stories around as well.

Check out for the latest news and updates.

Thanks again.


Rose said...

I enjoyed interviewing you Bobby. :)

Bobby Nash said...

Thanks, Rose. This was a fun interview.