Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just A Buck

Ah, what could have been. Imentioned in a previous post that the image was for a cover to a book that was unpublished. I felt I should expand on that a bit. At one time there was a plan in place for an imprint called Just A Buck Comics throuh Atomic Pop Art (check out APA at

Hopefully, this will not require a lot of explanation. Comics for $1. A good idea and I was proud to be asked by the editor at the time, Ron Fortier (who would later help launch my pulp writing career with an invitation to write a Lance Star story) to submit a Life In The Faster Lane proposal. Learn more about Mr. Fortier at

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the imprint did not last long, but I did have a few covers put together for consideration.

The covers and interiors for Just A Buck Comics [JABC] would have been black and white, but for fun I colored this piece and found great use for it in the Life In The Faster Lane store, which can be found at (sorry, can't resist an opportunity for a free plug). This image looks great on a mug, by the way.

Ah, the old stand by. I've gotten a lot of use out of this image. A color version of it is also used at the Life In The Faster Lane store, which can be found at (sorry, that free plug thing again).

Ah, one of my favorites. And it too makes a nice cover.

Y'know, this little walk down memory lane has really gotten me stirred up to make another attmpt at a Life In The Faster Lane book. Keep an eye out here for more information.



A first for me and R.O.

A first for me and for our esteemed R.O. happened during the Dragon Con convention in Atlanat, Georgia over Labor Day weekend. I was asked to sign and sketch on a young lady's corset... while she was wearing it.
The accompanying photo is of the drawing, which is on the right side of her back. The signature off to the left was one of my con neighbors, Joe Pekar. Turned out nicely, if I do say so myself.