Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sketchin' at the Atlanta Comics Expo

I was a guest at the Atlanta Comics Expo on Feb. 8-10 and I finally posted a short recap and photos from the show for those who might be interested.

The charity event was an Iron Munny auction for Reading Is Fundamental. You'll see some very creative Munnys on display.

I was on a panel on Friday with artists Michael Golden,Steve Scott, Andy Smith, and fellow writer/artist Greg Carter. It was a fun panel.

You can check out the photos at (galleries are on the right of the page) and/or (under PICS).

I also managed to wrangle in a Life In The Faster Lane sketch or two.
This is a sketch I did of R.O. for my table-mate at 2007's ACE, Sean Taylor. As luck would have it, our tables were next to one another this year as well so I finally thought to take a photo of the art.
Here's the sketch next to copies of Sean's Fishnet Angel series. R.O.'s punchline makes more sense now, doesn't it?
Now that Sean writes Gene Simmons' Dominatrix for IDW, I did a sketch for the 2008 show. That's an RO'ed (to coin a new phrase that will soon sweep the nation) version of an actual Dominatrix cover. If you haven't been reading this book, check it out. You'll enjoy it.
And here's the good sport showing off his sketch.
The Munny came with a blank sticker that I just could not pass up taking the opportunity to draw as R.O. After seeing this I want to buy and paint a real R.O. Munny.
I'll be at Con Nooga in Chattanooga, TN on Feb. 22 - 24. Hopefully I'll get to do more sketches there.

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