Thursday, November 22, 2007

It was bound to happen eventually...

'nuff said.

It all adds up...

This one's for my real life brother, who was the inspiration for Life In The Faster Lane's Mel.
He knows why.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

For these things we give thanks...

Thanksgiving In The Faster Lane.

As we all settle in this week to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, may we all take a moment to remember those people, places, and things that are important to us. In that regard, I would like to thank my family, Bobby, Margaret, and Wesley Nash (the real R.O., Honey, and Mel Nudell) for not only supporting me in my career and enduring the fun I poke at them in these strips, but for being the best family a guy could have. I love ya, guys.

I've added the customary commentary below each strip.
Honey has to be quick or she might just lose a finger.
Oh please, like this has never happened to you.

Another one of those taken from real life strips. My Dad actually made the only dieting between meals comment. Naturally, it ended up here.
That Mel sure is a smart kid. :)
From me and the Life In The Faster Lane cast, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
Just remember, Christmas in The Faster Lane is just around the corner.

Keep on Cruisin'


Have a great weekend

Here's another little add on for MySpace and ComicSpace (or anywhere for that matter) I created. Just something to post when you want to say "hi" or "have a great weekend."
Have a great weekend.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks for the add...

Here's a little gem I worked up today that I now use on my MySpace and ComicSpace pages when I accept friend requests. Simple, but fun.
Please feel free to visit me at any of the following:

And of course there's the old standby,


Saturday, November 10, 2007

More classics

A few more classics from the early days, long before the strip was actually called Life In The Faster Lane. I have edited these somewhat fr their reprint here. I've touched up a few things and replaced the bad hand lettering with computer lettering. An, of course, I added the Life In The Faster Lane logo, which did not exist when these were originally created.

This first strip is from 1992 and is one of the earliest drawings of R.O. I had done. I thought the idea of him sleeping on the job was very funny at the time.

This second strip is from a year later, 1993. If memory serves (darned CRS) this was the start of the R.O./Mel war of the jokes. I thought the gag worked well, but the expression on Mel's face as he peeks around the open door in that 2nd panel really sells it. I only did a handful of strips with more than one panel. While they can work, I felt that the Life In The Faster Lane strips worked so much better as single panel gags and have stuck with that formula to this day.

Another two panel gag, this time from 1994. This is more slapstick and really never clicked for me. I never really drew that second panel to my satisfaction.

Keep on Cruisin'


Saturday, November 03, 2007

The classics never go out of style

These are some of the earliest drawings of R.O. You'll notice the character had not quite yet melded into his current look. He was a little more cartoony looking. Also, I was heavy into using China Markers at the time for shading. While the effect looked great on paper, it did not reproduce well in print.

I'll just let these strips speak for themselves.

Keep on Cruisin'.


Kiss the cook!

This is just one of the images I've added to the Life In The Faster Lane store at
I hope you'll check these cool items out.
I've also updated the existing Evil Ways store at
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