Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas In The Faster Lane [part 3]

And here we go for another round of what I like to call Christmas In The Faster Lane.
And away we go...
Growing up, my Dad was always threatening to give us I.O.U.'s for Christmas. It never happened though. I guess Mrs. R.O. had soemthing to do with that. :)
Ironically enough, in reality this year I'm giving my brother, the real life inspiration for Mel Nudell, an I.O. U. because one of the items he wants doesn't come out until after Christmas. I guess art really does imitate life, huh?

A complete fabrication, but it does seem like something R.O. and Mel (not to mention their real life counterparts) might try.
Yep. R.O. said this one.
Every kid has probably thought of this one once or twice. Ha!
I got a big kick out of seeing one of my young cousins try to figure out where the batteries went on a toy that did not require batteries once. It was just too funny not to use.

That's it for this Christmas and another year is almost behind us. I look forward to seeing you all here in 2008.

Keep on Cruisin'


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