Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ye olde con sketch

One of the big thrills for me at a convention or book signing event is when someone asks for a sketch. It's doubly exciting because we writers are not often asked to doodle. With an artist you can ask for a sketch. It's harder to walk up to a writer and ask if they can write you something. My favorite is when they say, "Write something funny."

What follows are three such con sketches. These are the only three I have copies of to my knowledge. Who knows what lurks in the various CDs, disks, and nooks and crannies of my hard drive. I hope to add more later now that I have a decent digital camera. I can snap off a quick shot of the sketch.

Since Life In The Faster Lane is the only thing I draw these days, I usually sketch out an R.O. headshot. Sometimes, however, people come with theme books and I do what I can. I hope you enjoy these sketches and if you see me at a con, please stop by and ask for a sketch.

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This was done for a theme book for Legends comic shop owner, Gordon Lee at the 2006 Dragon Con. I remember the date because I finally got smart and started adding them to my signatures. Tricky, huh? Gordon's sketch book had these famous lines from movies and asked for a sketch to fit the quote. I picked this one. That's R.O. sharing space with Top Cow's Renae Geerling's character, Puma Girl, a project I had been slated to write, but unfortunately fell through.
A few years back I did some sketches for a fan using stick figures, similar to what is seen above. To my suprise, severl people watching me draw them thought they were cute so I ended up doing several. I still get the occasional request for one. The image above was another Dragon Con 2006 sketch book with various themes. Actually, the owner of this book saw me drawing Gordon's image and liked it. The page I was given had a note that said, "draw whatever you want." Well, being the smart alec I am, well... you see the result above.
Another Dragon Con sketch, this time from 2007. My first sketch on a corset, which was not as easy as you might think. :)

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