Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've never worn rose colored glasses. However, these days I feel like I'm wearing yellow tinted ones. The pollen continues to fall here in georgia, covering everything in its wake. To commemorate the moment, I thought it was only fitting that it coats this week's Life In The Faster Lane update.

Keep on Cruisin'


ComicArt said...

Neat ones! Can't stand the stuff! - T

BobbyNash said...

I hear ya. It's a killer.

Ron Fortier said...

Too funny cause its too true, Bobby.
Was part of my own blog topic last week. Had an artist pal from your neck of the woods write me earlier saying he's suffering horribly this year from pollen allergies and thinking of moving up here in the north country. I politely told him about our own pollen count, and he was completed deflated. Short of living on an ice flow or the barren desert, there's no place pollen ain't gonna getcha. ACHOOO.